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#MH17 Al-Fatihah


*Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down over territory held by Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine July 17
*Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainians for not having ‘peace’ in the land
*But he did not deny that pro-Kremlin separatists brought down the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
*U.S. Senator John McCain said there would be ‘Hell to pay’ if this was the case
*Ukrainians called it ‘terrorism’ and released a recording between a fighter they claimed was a Russian Intelligence Officer and a separatist who apparently shot down the plane and admitted it was ‘civilian’
*Ukrainian interior ministry says plane was shot down by a Russian-made BUK surface-to-air missile
*Dutch authorities say at least nine Britons, 154 Dutch and 27 Australians are among the dead
*Reuters reported earlier that 23 Americans were among the dead but the State Department have not confirmed any
*President Obama was criticized for saying it was a ‘terrible tragedy’ in very brief remarks ahead of a speech
*Questions over why the flight was flying over Ukrainian airspace in what is effectively a war zoneAll airlines now saying they are avoiding the area
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wpid-t13537.jpgSIBU (June 22): Bukit Assek Assemblyman Richard Wong Ho Leng passed away last night at 10.50pm at Rejang Medical Centre after a one-and-a-half year struggle with cancer.

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