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Sebelum ini kita dijaja dengan cerita-cerita bagaimana orang Islam disogok dengan wang untuk memeluk agama Kristian.

Sekarang, kisah yang sebaliknya berlaku di Sarawak.

Adakah perlu sogokkan diberikan agar penganut agama lain memeluk Islam?

Pada masa yang sama, adakah dakwaan yang memalukan ini benar?


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The e-cigarette smoked by the victim

BINTULU (October 6, 2014): Smoking definitely kills, as a 53-year-old van driver died from an explosion after his electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) device suddenly blew up at Bintulu Tamu (Market) yesterday.

The victim, who was only identified only as ‘Lau’ (at press-time), was walking with a friend to a coffee shop when the freak incident happened.

They were heading for a coffee break as Lau was waiting for customers for his chartered van.

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#MH17 Al-Fatihah


*Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down over territory held by Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine July 17
*Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainians for not having ‘peace’ in the land
*But he did not deny that pro-Kremlin separatists brought down the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
*U.S. Senator John McCain said there would be ‘Hell to pay’ if this was the case
*Ukrainians called it ‘terrorism’ and released a recording between a fighter they claimed was a Russian Intelligence Officer and a separatist who apparently shot down the plane and admitted it was ‘civilian’
*Ukrainian interior ministry says plane was shot down by a Russian-made BUK surface-to-air missile
*Dutch authorities say at least nine Britons, 154 Dutch and 27 Australians are among the dead
*Reuters reported earlier that 23 Americans were among the dead but the State Department have not confirmed any
*President Obama was criticized for saying it was a ‘terrible tragedy’ in very brief remarks ahead of a speech
*Questions over why the flight was flying over Ukrainian airspace in what is effectively a war zoneAll airlines now saying they are avoiding the area
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If we were to believe the rumours, the official reason for being at the wrong place at the wrong time is very misleading.

But if the rumours are true, it is not a surprise because in politics sometimes the official reasons differ from the actual ones.

It is very difficult for Melayu Stampin to accept naivety as the reason.

Melayu Stampin is more inclined to believe the rumours as true!

What are the rumours?

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