islamMelayu Stampin amat berharap agar rakan-rakan seagama memahami sentimen keagamaan yang mungkin lebih sensitif di Sarawak, berbanding dengan Semenanjung.

Mungkin rakan-rakan seagama perlu dimaklumkan:

Pertama – Agama Islam bukan agama rasmi Sarawak

Kedua – Agama Kristian mempunyai penganut yang terbanyak di Sarawak

Ketiga – Sarawak adalah a nation-state

Memang Melayu Stampin juga ingin melihat syiar Islam di Sarawak berkembang dengan pesat.

Tetapi biarlah dilakukan dengan cara orang Sarawak.

—Dayak students in Betong enticed to embrace Islam?

KUCHING (Oct 11): While the dust over an alleged Islamisation effort on natives in Belaga has not settled, another allegation of a similar nature on school students in Betong has cropped up.

State DAP vice chairman Leon Jimat Donald claimed some Dayak parents were concerned their children studying in MRSM Betong were being wooed into converting to Islam by unscrupulous individuals.

He said these parents approached him yesterday upon reading about the alleged `conversions’ in Belaga.

They told him their children were not allowed to bring Bibles to their boarding schools, and male students were forced to wear ‘songkok’.

Leon said he was concerned because such a happening, if true, would discourage Dayak parents from sending their children to MRSM, or MARA Junior Science College, thus denying them of good education.

“If what is alleged (about the covert conversion tactics) is true, I would like to urge teachers at MRSM Betong to stop all these immediately. I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to the Education Minister.

“This is Sarawak and such reckless covert actions do not bode well with the citizens of this state.”

Meanwhile, Leon, in his capacity as DAP Sri Aman chief, handed over a donation of RM2,000 to Sebujok Baptist Chapel at the branch office in Sri Aman yesterday. –Source