It is a sort of a surprise to read comments from a PKR leader on TERAS when at the moment his own party is facing serious problems – corruptions, gangsterism and lack of transparency!

These problems are not fabricated by BN boys but disclosed by the party own boys!

Just google PKR – you will know what Melayu Stampin is talking about!

Was he trying to divert the party members’ attention from the current problems plaguing the party?

He took the trouble to hold a press conference to tak about TERAS! A press conference?

He could just text his messages or fax his statement to the press! But he decided not to do that!


Wanted to get a cheap publicity?

Nowadays Anugerah Tuhan needs all PKR leaders to rally around him to deflect the damaging claims!

But instead of defending his Anugerah Tuhan, he talked about TERAS!


Pity Anugerah Tuhan 😯.


— Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) with 10 state legislators and a member of parliament will not in any way help to consolidate the strength of the Barisan Nasional. Source