pas_logo_melayu_stampin_blog.pngDari segi satu sudut, tindakan PAS patut dipuji kerana menyingkir ahli-ahli yang menolak perlaksanaan hukum hudud.

Tetapi untuk berlaku adil, PAS tidak boleh pilih kasih dalam menghukum ahli-ahlinya.

Bukan Hu seorang sahaja yang menentang perlaksanaan hukum hudud.

Ada ahli-ahli lain termasuk Yang Berhormat!

Islam menekankan keadilan. Maka PAS perlu buktikan keadilan dalam menghukum!

Adakah disebabkan Hu tidak beragama Islam maka PAS mengambil keputusan untuk menyingkirkannya?

Inikah tarbiyah yang PAS hendak tu jukan kepada bukan Islam?

—Long-time PAS loyalist Hu Pang Chaw (pic) is sore that he has been abruptly left out in the cold after 10 years of serving as head of its non-Muslim supporters movement.

On Monday, party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang announced in the party’s newsletterHarakahdaily that Hu had been replaced by his deputy N.Balasubramaniam as chairman of the PAS Supporters Congress (DHPP).

Three state representatives were also replaced.

Describing his removal as a coup d’etat as it was done without prior discussions, Hu said he only found out about the matter when the media contacted him for comments.

“I am upset I was not informed nor consulted about my removal,” he told The Star yesterday.

“I want to know the reasons why I was removed from the post of the movement I founded 10 years ago,” said Hu, who was a PAS candidate in the Air Hitam parliamentary seat in last year’s general election.

He added that he had now lost respect for Abdul Hadi and DHPP adviser Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, saying they had failed to uphold the core Islamic principles of transparency and justice in the party’s constitution.

Hu said he would not be surprised if Balasubramaniam and the state DHPP representatives drew a lot of flak and dissent from grassroots members not aware of the changes.