wpid-anti-dap-melayu-stampin-blog6.pngwpid-chong-knowbetterthan-baru-bian4.jpgMelayu Stampin still remember a conversation that took place between Melayu Stampin and a DAP supporter many years ago.

At that time PKR was in the midst of establishing itself in Sarawak.

Melayu Stampin asked him, why DAP didn’t go easy with PKR since both were fighting the same enemy?

The party supporter said the DAP leaders, including Tokong Chong, were afraid that the presence of PKR will dilute the party’s influence.

Because of this, he added, the party will will make sure PKR will never be strong compared to DAP.

When Melayu Stampin read an article about an opposition party tried to pinch a YB from SWP, the first name that came into Melayu Stampin’s mind was DAP.

True enough – yesterday Tokong Chong admitted he did meet one of the SWP’s YBs.

But Tokong Chong tried to twist the fact and accused SWP of trying to smear his name because the party wanted to join BN.


Typical Tokong Chong!!!

Melayu Stampin is very sure that his obsession to make DAP stronger than PKR has caused uneasiness in the pakatan.

If Tokong Ching is to continue to pursue his goal obsessively, pakatan is sure to lose many seats in the coming state election because it is going to be a fight among pakatan members on the ground.

Barisan Nasional is sure going to benefit from this.

Thank You Tokong Chong.


—“What happened was one of the two state assemblymen (from SWP) approached me and mentioned to me that SWP did not have a clear direction as to where to go for now.

“As such, he had lost confidence in the party and would like to join DAP.” Tokong Chong