tianchua1.jpgbersih-3-0-overturned-police-car.jpgPKR members are a bunch of unruly people!

The recent incidents further validate his notion. (Click here)

So, although to the certain extent the system was at fault resulting in chaos during the party election, the main culprits were its own members!

They have been encoraged to be rowdy, aggresive, anti-establishment, mischievous or any negative character or attitude that helps PKR to kill Umno.

To the certaint extent, this strategy works very well!

The Barisan Nasional Government has to be on the defensive most of the time.

However, leaders in PKR might have thought that they could easily handle their irrationale members when it comes to party matters.

What have happened during the election period of the party prove otherwise.

These irrationale members could not be made sober!

Their destructive attitude knows no boundary – they even gnaw their own party members!

Anugerah Tuhan should be applauded for this smart strategy!

No matter what happens, he will not purge them out because he needs them to bring down BN.

Moreover his position as Anugerah Tuhan is under no threat!

It is a sacred title that sticks with him till his last moment on earth!


—Penyandang Naib Presiden PKR yang juga Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar mengakui wujud banyak kelemahan ketika Pemilihan PKR 2014 ini.

Susulan itu, berlaku kekecohan di beberapa cabang hingga menyebabkan pemilihan terpaksa ditunda dan dilakukan pada tarikh lain. Sumber