5b94c-sabah-sarawak-sovereigntychong-knowbetterthan-baru-bian.jpgStupid Never Finish!!!

He is a type of leader who likes to make baseless claims.

He is a Sarawak’s version of Anugerah Tuhan.

He will go to any length to make the people to be suspicious of the government.

Even Rafizi is not in the same league as him because the former will normally back up his dubious claims with doubtful data.

But Tokong Chong doesn’t have to do that.

May be his status should be elevated from Tokong to Anugerah Tuhan!!!

Oh my God!!! Sarawak also has a soothsayer!!!


Now, where the hell did he get the 75% figure?

From his spiritual advisor who would accompany him to DUN from time to time?

Haiya Tokong Chong!

Give a credible figure lor! Don’t simply pluck it out of the air!!!

You want to have the same fate as Anugerah Tuhan?

Now even his most trusted man, Azmin Ali, is trying to distant himself from Anugerah Tuhan!

Because when you like to lie, in the long term, people will get tired of you and will see you as a liability than an asset!

So Tokong Chong, what do you want to lie next?

Melayu Stampin suggests you amend the figure – make it 95%!

More credible lor!!!


If people ask you, where did you get the figure, just tell them that someone told you inside your dream!



—If a referendum to decide whether Sarawak should remain in Malaysia is held today, 75% of Sarawakians would opt for separation, Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen told the state legislative assembly today. Source

p/s The resentment is there but to claim 75% want to opt for separation is ridiculous!