Haiya Tokong Chong!!!

How to be CM Sarawak like this!!!

Even a simple logic you don’t understand!!!

Adenan blamed Anugerah Tuhan for ignoring the request to increase the royalty when he WAS a Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance!!!

Not now when he IS Anugerah Tuhan!

Haiya!!! A simple logic like this you don’t know???!!!

If you still can’t understand why Adenan blame Anugerah Tuhan, you can study the latter’s history in BN.

But make sure you don’t ask your penasihat-penasihat to look for the information!!!

Die lor!!!

— “He (Anwar) was removed as the minister of finance in 1998. That was 16 years ago, how can we blame him (Anwar) for this? Throughout all these years, it was still the BN that is in power.”