anti-dap-melayu-stampin-blog.pngSIBU (May 3): Bukit Assek assemblyman Wong Ho Leng, who has brain cancer, has been unconscious since last Feb 12 and his family appealed to the public to help pray for a miracle.

The former state DAP chairman, whose heart stopped beating for 20 minutes on April 16, is now being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Rejang Medical Centre (RMC).

His wife Irene Chang broke the sad news at a press conference here yesterday morning.

“He is not conscious now, but we feel he is responsive each time I talked to him.

“Hopefully, the people will pray for his recovery,” said Chang, holding back tears.

She said Ho Leng went to Singapore last Jan 12 for a six-week treatment for fungus infection.

She believed her husband got infected due to a suppressed immune system probably caused by the steroid he was given.

“On Jan 22, doctors discovered there was some pressure in Ho Leng’s brain, probably caused by glioma – a type of brain cancer he is suffering from.”

Chang added that doctors then operated on him to drain out the brain fluid from his stomach.

On Jan 23, Ho Leng began to suffer breathing difficulties, probably caused by the mucus and saliva in his windpipe and the situation was so serious that he could not even cough.

He was then rushed to the ICU where he stayed for seven days, during which doctors discovered that he had lost the ability to cough.

“He underwent another operation to drain out the mucus and saliva,” Chang recalled.

She said doctors later diagnosed that Ho Leng’s vocal cord was blocked, resulting in his inability to speak.

“Seven days later, Ho leng was transferred to the normal ward.
“On Feb 12, he suffered 15 seizures and was again rushed to the ICU. He has been unconscious since then.”

Chang said she decided to bring Ho Leng back to Sibu last week to give him more palliative care and family support.

On April 16, at about 6am, Ho Leng’s heart stopped beating for 20 minutes and was later resuscitated.

Chang said she decided to call for a press conference yesterday as she thought the people had the right to know his condition given that he is an elected representative.

She said it was regrettable that Ho Leng could not carry out his duties and called for understanding from the people.

Chang, who harboured strong hopes that her husband would pull through, said Singapore oncologists had told her that Ho Leng was actually holding on for a much longer period compared to other patients suffering from the same illness.

“They said what Ho Leng is going through does not seem to be the ordinary behaviour of a glioma patient.

“The Singapore doctors are saying that Ho Leng is doing much better that those people in the same situation. I do believe in miracles and no matter how bad it is, all my family members still have strong faith in God and we know that he will be okay,” Chang said.

She hoped the people would give them space and refrain from spreading unfounded rumours about his health condition.

She apologised that they would not be able to receive visitors at the RMC as Ho Leng’s immune system was low.

“We will be thankful to the people for their care and concern. We hope the people will pray for Ho Leng to recover from his illness.”

On another matter, she thanked the state government and Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem for agreeing to help them settle part of the medical costs.

“We’re grateful to all the DAP members and its elected people’s representatives, especially those from Sibu, who have been helping out Ho Leng in his duty to serve the people.”

Among those at the press conference were Pelawan assemblyman David Wong, Sibu MP Oscar Ling and Meradong assemblywoman Ting Tze Fui. Source