1353437925_reverbnation_we_are_brothers_adjust.pngIlek-ilek la bro!Don’t talk like that bah ….. !!!!!

We are comrades in Barisan Nasional – we swim and sink together!

No doubt your ‘boss’ is my ‘boss’ friend but it doesn’t mean my ‘boss’ jaga your ‘boss’.

Unless ur ‘real-boss’ is jaga by someone’s ‘bos’ in KL – so you thought all ‘bosses’ are being jaga by other ‘bosses’.

May be it is true for your ‘real-boss’.

But Melayu Stampin strongly believes my ‘boss’ doesn’t jaga your ‘boss’. They are only friends.

Melayu Stampin is very sure my ‘boss’ is unwilling to jeopardise the stability and unity in BN just because of your ‘boss’ who is actually not your ‘real-boss’.

In fact, we, if we considered ourselves as God-feared men, should not suppose to fear anybody on this earth.

If you still think you fear a God’s creation, then you need to assess your faith. There is something wrong with it.

In the right and proper context, we should respect each other – and not fear each other.

We are brothers living in the same house.

Of course, not all brothers are equal in all circumstances.

If you have only 1 DUN, you are crazy if Melayu Stampin has to follow whatever you want when Melayu Stampin has 70 DUNs!

But at the same time, in the name of comradeship and mutual respect in BN, Melayu Stampin always willing to listen and accommodate you although you have only 1 DUN!

So friend, it is all about mutual respect. You respect Melayu Stampin, Melayu Stampin respects you.

We have been together for sometime – during good days and bad days.

We are brothers!

So, not nice la you say like that!

If you want to get rid your ‘boss’ so that your ‘real-boss’ can become your ‘boss’, go ahead la!

Jangan talk like that as if you are not part of us in BN!

If you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and you and your ‘real-boss’ want to be there, then by all means, go la!

So at least Melayu Stampin knows that you have become an ex-‘brother’. Easy for Melayu Stampin.

Now susah coz although you behave like an ex-‘brother’, you are still my ‘brother’ in BN.

So, Melayu Stampin has to put up with all these nonsense!

Cheers my ‘brother’ friend!