power-melayu-stampin-blog.jpgtianchua1.jpgMelayu Stampin doesn’t know whether it is true or not.

May be See Chee How can do a press conference to deny or confirm this.

Why See and not Chua?

See is a PKR star in Sarawak maaa.

He champions no-racial-profiling-in-politics in Sarawak. (Click here)

Melayu Stampin is very sure he has told Tokong Chong to get rid of “DAP’s Realty Show: Who Want To Be CM”. (See is not eligible to take part in the reality show because he is not a Dayak.)(Click here)

In addition to that, he is good in making predictions.

He can predict Barisan Nasional will lose in the Balingian by-election. (Click here)

May be he can also tell us why Chua decided to quit.

People like to hear stories from those who are dare to say “no racial profiling in politics” to Tokong Chong!

—Tian Chua juga dikatakan telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan Saifuddin yang bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden supaya menggugurkan diri dari bertanding jawatan tersebut. Source