anti-dap-melayu-stampin-blog.pngAs the CM of Sarawak, Adenan Satem said the right thing. His leadership is for all.But at the same he has to acknowledge the political reality in Malaysia.

If See thinks that racial profiling in politics is wrong, then try to tell US President that.

See didn’t know Obama win his second term in the office because of the Hispanics?

See didn’t follow the US presidential election?

How to be a PKR election director like this?

No wonder his assessment on PKR’s chances in the Balingian by-election were rubbish!

He doesn’t know that racial profiling is THE politics all over the world!

Baru Bian, you need a new Election Director!

Okay ….. Let’s say See want to change the world politics. A new world political order – no racial profiling!

Okay ….. Melayu Stampin has no problem with that. In fact Melayu Stampin is proud to have a Malaysian who has the dream to change the world!

But firstly, Melayu Stampin want to suggest to See to give Tokong Chong a good lecture on no-racial-profiling-in-politics.

As a matter of fact, See should start propagate the idea to his friends in Pakatan first!

When all, including the smartest guy Tokong Chong in the oppositions agree with him, only then See can talk to BN.

But honestly, does See has the guts to say no-racial-profiling-in-politics to Tokong Chong?


Btw Tokong Chong, how is your Dayak-to-be-CM reality show?

Has Baru submitted his entry form as to be considered as one of the candidates?

Sorry See, you are not eligible.

Don’t angry angry yer! If you want to be CM, then ask Baru to do a PKR’s version of the reality show 🙂 .



—“…we should refrain and reject ‘racial profiling’ in politics.” Source