Bravo prof!

You hit the bull’s eye!

Obviously you can ‘read’ the message ;).

But sadly you fail to fully comprehend the matter.

It’s ok. May be you never had Datuk Amar Adenan Satem in your radar resulting in your analysis a bit skewed.

Ponder on this: “It is not about winning with a big majority” 😉

PKR’s campaign is hampered by many problems, among others:

*’no’ cooperation from Dap (click here)
*fighting over candidates (click here)
*recycled candidate

So, See Chee How is wrong 100% when he said the PKR candidate will lose his deposit because of the barring of PKR national leaders into Sarawak.

He is trying to dupe the people to believe that.

He should thank god that the new CM did it because if he didn’t do it, what excuse he can use to explain why PKR lose its deposit in the by-election!

Melayu Stampin has been questioning the motive since the day its state Chief Baru Bian made the announcement that the party will field a candidate to ‘test the water’!

Very sad for Sarawakians because the state PKR leaders are like their Anugerah Tuhan – i.e. wasting the people’s money just for ‘personal’ interests!

How Melayu Stampin wish that the party will get merely 10 votes or less in the by-election!

It is not to embarrass PKR but to be a good lesson to all that – you enter the ring because you can win and not because you want to test the water!!! A lot of money are wasted just because PKR wanted to test the water!

—March, 2014 A political analyst has scoffed at suggestions that Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem resorted to barring PKR national leaders from entering Sarawak for the Balingian by-election because he was afraid their presence could cause the ruling coalition to lose.

Dr Mohd Faisal Syam Abdol Hazis, a senior political science lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, said there was nothing for Adenan or the Barisan Nasional to fear as the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

“With or without the presence of the PKR national leaders, the BN would win hands down,” said Dr Faisal, who spent last week in Mukah to study the trend of the by-election, said.

“What I fear is that the PKR candidate could even lose his deposit,” he said when asked to comment on PKR Sarawak deputy chairman See Chee How’s claim that Adenan barred his party leaders from campaigning in the by-election because “the BN is losing” in Balingian.

On Tuesday, immigration officers had stopped PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, member of Parliament Tian Chua and their secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail at Sibu airport on their arrival from Kuala Lumpur and told them they were not allowed to enter the state.

Rafizi and Chua, who flew to Sarawak together with PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, were told by immigration officers that their names were in the list of people barred from entering the state.

Anwar, however, was allowed in.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Saifuddin was similarly stopped at the Sibu airport on his arrival from Kuala Lumpur and informed he was barred from entering the state.

All three were put on the next flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Teresa Kok, DAP national vice chairperson and MP for Seputeh, reportedly cancelled her plans to fly to Sarawak after being told her name was also on the immigration “blacklist”.

Faisal said he believed the “sums game”, or the need to win by a big a majority, is why Adenan is barring the PKR national leaders from entering the state to campaign for the by-election as they could make a difference to the result.

“There’s no valid reason to bar the PKR leaders from the by-election unless Adenan and the state BN believe they could take the shine off BN’s victory.

“This is a safe seat. For the new chief minister, I believe he wants to put his stamp on Sarawak politics in the best possible way. Win by as big a majority as possible.

“And stamping that mark starts in Balingian,” Faisal said.

Faisal said it was important for Adenan to get things right in Balingian as this could be a prelude of what things would be like in the state election in two years time.

However, he expressed concern that a good result for BN in Balingian could see Adenan resorting to similar repressive measures during the state election.

Faisal was not alone in stressing that Adenan should not use the state’s autonomy on immigration to keep opposition political leaders out of the state.

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) expressed outrage over the incident while maverick Sabah politician Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan, said the privilege should not be abused.

The Petaling Jaya-based LFL, a human rights and law reform initiative, said barring the PKR leaders from entering Sarawak was clearly “politically motivated, irrational and a blatant abuse” of the immigration powers that the state holds.

Its executive director Eric Paulsen said the Federal and Sarawak governments “must be reminded that Malaysia is a country where the Federal Constitution is supreme and every Malaysian citizen has the freedom of movement into Sarawak”.

“The practice of arbitrarily banning political adversaries is a direct conflict with the freedom of movement guaranteed by the constitution,” Paulsen said.

He said the policy was clearly aimed at only serving the interest of the federal and state governments and should be “jettisoned for a more progressive and genuine policy that serves the interests of Sarawak and the nation as a whole”.

Kitingan, who is the Bingkor assemblyman, said although barring anyone the state deemed undesirable from entering Sarawak is the state’s right which should be respected, Adenan “must act sensibly to ensure that it is applied correctly”.

“I don’t see why people like Saifuddin or Tian Chua should be barred because they are not extremists like Ibrahim Ali (the president of the Malay ultra right group, Perkasa),” he said.

When meeting Chinese voters at a hotel in Mukah recently, Adenan had said he was not afraid of the presence of the PKR leaders, whom he described as “troublemakers”, at the by-election or their threat to take him the to court over their entry ban.

“Well, they can sue anytime. They had done it so many times but they lost,” he had said.

Adenan had also said that the fact that Anwar was allowed in on Tuesday was not because “we are afraid of him but because we are not afraid of him”.

He, however, had warned Anwar that if he “tries to be naughty” even when he’s already in the state, “he would still be kicked out”.

Repeating the statement he made five days ago, Adenan said: “I don’t want racists and religious bigots and troublemakers to come to Sarawak. If we don’t like anyone, we ask them to go away from here”.

The Balingian by-election this Saturday is a straight fight between BN’s Yussibnosh Balo and PKR’s Abdul Jalil Bujang. – March 27, 2014. –Source