pkr-logo-melayu-stampin-blog.jpganwar-liar.jpgHonestly, it was a surprise when someone commented that Melayu Stampin’s credibility is being monitored.

Melayu Stampin didn’t expect it because Melayu Stampin is just an ordinary blogger.

In fact Melayu Stampin is not in the pro-BN bloggers ranking list despite of the fact that Melayu Stampin is also fighting for BN as these pro-bloggers.

But that is not an issue for Melayu Stampin because what matters is, Melayu Stampin is fighting for BN in own way.

Melayu Stampin just can’t let the question on credibility to disappear from Melayu Stampin’s mind.

Does credibility in politics really matter now?

Does Anwar Ibrahim the Psychopath care about credibility?

Melayu Stampin has followed Anwar’s political career for quite sometime.

Does he care about credibility?

To Melayu Stampin, he does not.

There is no need for Melayu Stampin to list all the evidence because these evidence can be found on the internet easily.

Just google – there are a lot of stuffs about the psychopath.

All of these stuffs are fake? Hihihihihi …

So, the conclusion is, why must Melayu Stampin’s credibility is being ‘monitored’ (or questioned(?)) when the psychopath doesn’t give a damn whether he is credible or not?

If he can say anything he wants without resulting in his credibility being questioned or monitored by his supporters, why can’t Melayu Stampin be treated as such?

Just because the psychopath is Anugerah Tuhan, he can utter lies without tarnishing his credibility?

If that is the case, then Melayu Stampin rests the case. No need to argue. Because it is well understood. Period.

Lastly, Melayu Stampin wish to say a lot of thanks for noticing Melayu Stampin’s existence in the cyber world.

Thank you ;).