Of course, a victory is a victory ;-).

But in politics, a victory is not necessary a victory. Because it can mean a defeat as well – depending on how the victory is accomplished.

Now Dr Teo, Melayu Stampin want to ask you – Who is the Kajang by-election’s candidate?

Is she an ordinary wife?

Of course she is not! Her husband is a ‘special’ man – your justice icon!

To you and PKR supporters, what ever he says is considered as the truth!

Even if he is lying! Remember the blackout incident? The 40,000 Banglas? His promise to retire if he failed to be PM after the GE13?

There are many lies churned out by him but these do not matter to you and your supporters!

Because he is a sacred man who has achieved a demi-god status.

Now let’s go back to the Kajang by-election result.

With a man of his stature, honestly, what did you expect of the result?

You have to keep in mind that the wife was contesting on his behalf!

In a way, it means that your justice icon was contesting!

Did you personally expect him to win with a reduced majority?

Of course not!

He is a demi-god! He should have won it with a very very very big majority!


But did that happen in the by-election?


In other words, his influence is waning!

People are starting to reject him!

Bear in mind – the Chinese are starting to reject him!

As for the Malays/Bumiputeras, many have returned to Umno/BN!

With this new development, do you think that PKR will win in the Balingian by-election?


Keep on dreaming Dr Teo. Keep on dreaming.


—Commenting on the Kajang by-election, State PKR treasurer Dr Teo Yu Keng said the people of Kajang were brave in deciding who would be their wakil rakyat as shown by Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR) winning the seat against Chew Mei Fun (BN).

He said the people of Kajang wanted PKR and rejected BN. –Source