It is very disgusting to hear that PKR wanted to contest in Balingian just because it wanted to see how the constituents will respond to some local/national issues which are important to the party leaders.

To them, wasting the public fund is a small matter although they know for sure that the party will lose in the election.

Their attitude is very similar with their psychopathic leader.

They want the attention from the people. That is only the thing they want.

People’s welfare? Are your sure?


If they really think about the people’s welfare, they will not contest in the Balingian by-election.

Because what is the purpose of contesting when their chances are almost zero.

And this will save the public fund.

A close study of the electoral roll for the Balingian constituency indicates that most of the voters in the constituency are elderly people, state PKR vice-chairman See Chee How said yesterday.Source

p/s By and large, the old generation tends to stick with Barisan Nasional – they want to choose people whom they can trust who will not cause chaos to the extent causing instability.