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Balingian youths: We want young rep

March 9, 2014, Sunday

MUKAH: The Youth and Women wings of PBB Balingian wish to see a young candidate for Balingian seat as they have staying power for the long-term.

However, they would still support anyone picked for the by-election.

Balingian Saberkas branch secretary Royston Valentine, 28, said: “Young people may be lacking experience, but it is not a big problem as they can learn from those who are experienced.

“I, as a young man, as well as a voter in this area, want to request to the higher authority to choose a young candidate to represent us.”

He added that younger people were more energetic and aggressive in carrying out their duties if they were given the opportunity to hold the post and can influence other youthful citizens.

“As we all know, youths are the future generation leaders and it is not wrong if we give them the opportunity to become a party member and hold a powerful post. Furthermore, since they are youthful themselves, they can have better influence other youths as well,” she said.

Mukah Melanau Association secretary Jennifer Sukor @ John, 36, said they would support whoever contest the Balingian seat whether the candidate is veteran or young.

“Of course if there is a young candidate, we will appreciate it very much. But we will support the veteran candidate as well. We will support whoever the candidate is,” she said.

Jennifer said this was because the commitment showed by existing leaders proved they could implement their responsibilities in the area.

PBB Balingian Women chief Jaidah Bujang, also would give full support to whoever the candidate from PBB is to contest the Balingian seat.

“As the women movement’s chief, I encourage all women in Balingian to give their support to whoever is selected to be a candidate for the seat,” she said.
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Mohamad Syazuan Ideris, 27, said whether veteran or a young candidate, most importantly the person is approachable, people-friendly and able to carry out the task.

“We hope the Barisan Nasional (BN) through PBB Party will continue to represent us in Balingian area,” said Syazuan who works as a supervisor for community sports complex at the Youth and Sports Office Mukah District.