Question 1: Is BN will continue its current policy of giving in to their demands when we know that their hearts, minds and souls are with DAP?

Question 2: Do we the Bumiputeras have to withdraw our supports to BN in order to get the leaders to be more kind to us – coz the Chinese don’t have to be in the government in order to get what they want?

Chong Chieng Jen: “It is also because of strong showings of the opposition in Sarawak, our land rights have been protected, that the expired and expiring land leases were allowed to be renewed.

“Also in Bako area, about 3,000 acres of land were subjected to Section 47 and the owners’ expired and expiring land leases were not allowed to be renewed. Because of strong support for the opposition, these problems were solved, the land leases were renewed.”

He pointed out that previously, the land renewal premiums were based on the market value of the houses or land, adding that for a terraced and semi-detached houses, the renewal premium would easily be tens of thousands of ringgit and hundred thousands of ringgit respectively.

“But now because of strong opposition, the land renewal premium was reduced to RM1,000 for terraced houses and RM3,000 for semi-detached houses per renewal. All these are the benefits that a strong opposition has given to the people which had forced the government to listen to the people and do the people’s biddings.”

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