March 3, 2014, Monday

KUCHING: Muslims should look into implementing the ‘wakaf’ method when constructing mosques and suraus in their respective areas.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said this method would enable the Muslim community to not only collect funds for the project but also foster greater ties among themselves.

“A good example is the people of Kampung Sungai Budak of Matang Batu 10 who collectively, through ‘wakaf’ method, successfully build a new surau for the village,” he said when officiating at the new Surau Ad-Din at Kampung Sungai Budak Matang Batu 10 yesterday.

“Someone had ‘wakaf’ (donated) a piece of land for the purpose of construction of this surau, and the village committee, on the other hand, were involved in looking for funds for the building itself.”

Daud said the people should not simply wait for funds from the government.

“Make the effort to materialise the project through your own initiatives. We can assist each other through the RM10 or RM20 cash that we ‘wakaf’.”

On another matter, Daud said Tupong constituency now had 36 mosque and suraus, and that the new Surau Ad-Din was built at a cost of RM250,000.

Also present was State Islamic Council president Datu Putit Matzen.