Atas sebab tu la, jangan percaya bila Baru dan kuncu-kuncunya mendakwa mereka adalah pejuang rakyat.

Kalau betul pejuang rakyat, PKR tak akan bertanding.

Membazir sahaja kerana bertanding bukan untuk menang tapi untuk ‘test water’!

Kalau betul ada peluang, dipersilakan.

Tapi kalau dah tahu tak de peluang, apasal pandai-pandai nak bertanding?

Depa suka tuduh kerajaan BN membazir.

Tapi hakikatnya – depa yang membazir!

Rakyat Sarawak perlu ajar Baru dan PKR kerana cakap tak serupa bikin!

Membazir duit rakyat! Demi kuasa! Bukan demi rakyat!

KUCHING: The Balingian by-election will be an interesting barometer to gauge PKR strength in the next state general election.

State PKR chief Baru Bian said the Balingian by-election will determine whether there was support for the change in guard (of the state Barisan Nasional leaders) and secondly it can gauge the change in the support of the people for the present government, especially in the context of the rising cost of living.

“The increase in the price of goods will be the main issue and we will be taking the issue to the ground and it will be very interesting,” he told reporters at a press conference after the party’s state liaison committee’s final meeting here yesterday.

“We will talk about appointment of the new chief minister, the new head of state who had just come in and these will help us.

“We stood there in 2011 state election and we will see how much improvement we can get in this coming by-election,” he added.

Baru said they will be the underdog at the Balingian by-election and they are not demoralised by statements made by some quarters who said that BN will win and will have increasing majority this time around.

“It will be the toughest BN seat but we will not be demoralised by such statement as anything can happen in politics,” he said.

Baru said the strategy for PKR this time round will be to go down to the ground and tell the people of issues concerning corruption, nepotism and appointment of BN state leaders. (MS: Negeri bawah pentadbiran Pakatan tak de isu-isu rasuah, nepotism dan perlantikkan? Kalau dari segi rekod, lagi parah dari BN.)

The manifesto of PR must be explained further but the challenge is to communicate and bring the message down to the people on the ground, he noted.

“So this by-election is the opportunity for PKR to bring it down to the grassroots and we hope that more and more will be convinced of what we are saying and support us.

“Times has changed…and any increment in the support reflects the reality on the ground and not the candidate alone,” he added.

Baru revealed that Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How, who is also PKR Sarawak vice-chairman, has been given the task to head the PKR state election committee to narrow down the list of their potential candidate.

He will issue a directive soon to seek assistance from their party members and branches from Selangau, Sibu and Miri to come down to assist immediately in the activities in Balingian.

On the potential candidate, he said PKR had the list and that See has been tasked to come back with a report.

See said that PKR will determine the factors on the ground before finalising the name of the candidate and they will go to the ground on March 5.

The Balingian by-election is to be held within the next 60 days upon the resignation of the fourth chief minister, Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on Feb 28.

Taib who is now the head of state was the Balingian assemblyman. –Source