March 1, 2014, Saturday

MIRI: The DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) on Wednesday upheld the disciplinary committee’s decision to sack Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck from the party.

“It was expected,” said an unfazed Fong when asked about the decision.

He said he would announce his future plans later, and declined to comment whether he would be joining PKR, a component party of Pakatan Rakyat – of which the DAP is also a member.

Last Nov 17, the party’s disciplinary committee found Fong guilty and decided to expel him for non-compliance of the requirement to contribute to the party a portion of his emoluments or allowances as an elected representative.

Fong also got into trouble with the state DAP leadership when he disagreed with the decision to field Lim Su Kien as the party’s candidate for Miri in the last general election.

Fong was referred to the disciplinary committee led by Tan Kok Wai in June last year when he (Fong) wrote to the State Legislative Assembly to terminate his monthly contribution of 10% of his salary to the party.

The party took action on what it perceived as a combination of Fong’s defiance and his own action to terminate the compulsory monthly contribution that led the party to sack him.

Fong’s sacking did not come as a surprise as the disciplinary board had already sacked six members in Miri for openly protesting the leadership’s nomination of Lim for Miri in the last general election.

The six were aligned to Fong.