December 9, 2013, Monday

KUCHING: A man who claimed that he is a ‘Tuhan Harun’ follower was arrested for allegedly trespassing at a house at Jalan Perupok in Gita here on Saturday night.

A source said that the man in his 20s and driving a Perodua Kelisa car went to the house but only the wife of the house owner, their son and daughter were home then.

Upon entering the house, he stumped them when he started to preach his belief around 11pm.

The wife tried to cut him off because he was a stranger intruding on her family but the suspect continued to preach.

It was also said that he offered something to the family members but held out an empty hand.

The head of the house, who was informed by his family, then rang his neighbours to check on the family. Police were also duly notified of the intrusion.

It was said police found a few notebooks containing principles of Tuhan Harun’s religion including a statement suggesting that there is ‘no Allah but Tuhan Harun’.

The case is being classified by the police as criminal trespassing.