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pbb9This we tweeted today,”@PetraJayaMP Works Minister says his Pending PBB branch would not want to see anyone challenging the top posts.

This have been echoed right through to all PBB divisions and Deputy President Abang Johari,Senior Vice President Awang Tengah, Information Chief  Adenan Satem and other Divisional chiefs have made similar calls.

We wrote earlier  a week ago and asked if there are any doubts?

We received many calls and smses and all were positive towards the Chief Minister Pehin Sri to continue to lead not only PBB but also to continue to administer the State of Sarawak.

Najib in his 50th Anniversary Speech at Padang Merdeka touched on the  cordial working relationship between the Federal Government and the State Government under the leadership of Taib Mahmud. The confidence of the Federal government on Taibs administration is a clear indication that the Federal Government is very much behind the leadership of Taib Mahmud.

This also dispel…

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This is a new history for Sarawak politics and according to a butcher who has seen it all and he said this ”Taib is THE MASTER and he has and will continue to chop those who he feels are his threat to his 22nd floor Chair.

No one will dare to touch him after what has been revealed. Try as they may with outside PBB which he says he knows where the HELP is coming from they will also face similar fate to those who came before them”

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PUTRAJAYA 10 Sept – Wakil Paderi The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) hari ini meremehkan sensiviti umat Islam berhubung isu kalimah Allah apabila menyifatkan nilai sensiviti bumiputera adalah lebih penting.

Beliau yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Yap berkata, nilai sensiviti bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak adalah lebih penting dan perlu diutamakan.

“Jika umat Islam merasakan kalimah Allah ini penting, kami juga merasakan hak bumiputera adalah penting.

“Bumiputera sudah lama menggunakan kalimah Allah, jadi kenapa mahu ditukar?,” soalnya kembali kepada wartawan.

Ujarnya lagi, mereka akan terus memperjuangkan hak milik untuk mendapatkan penggunaan kalimah Allah ini dalam bible terbitan mereka.

Beliau ditemui semasa perbicaraan sedang berlangsung di luar bilik perbicaraan.

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