August 6, 2013, Tuesday

SIBU: A widow yesterday reported her boyfriend for bashing her up and causing her to fall into a drain.

The woman, in her 30s, told police she had a quarrel with her boyfriend outside her house Sunday evening when he demanded money from her.

“He beat me up when I refused to give him money,” she said, recounting how he had slapped and kicked her, causing her to fall into a drain.

Her family members rushed out after hearing the commotion, but the boyfriend had already gone.

She said her boyfriend is in his 20s and is doing odd-jobs to pay for his keep.

She believed he had gone back to Mukah.

Her sister had insisted that she lodge a police report when she complained of back pains.

The mother of nine, who is in her 30, told police she only relied on the monthly RM450 aid as a single mother for the living.

She said she was taking care of five children, and had given the four others to relatives due to financial constraints.

She had divorced two husbands, and had only recently acquainted with the boyfriend.

According to her, she was a victim of domestic violence while under marriages with both husbands.