You said “(BN) must also have a strategy to launch an offensive in urban areas“.

You also said about “analyse and identify the weakness of the opposition.

My suggestion is –

buy bumiputeraBy and large, the opposition supporters in the urban areas are not working with the government.

Many of them are either working with the private sector, or operating own businesses.

So, they don’t really have to rely on the government.

As long as Bumiputeras, like you and me, continue to give our money to them (i.e. buying products or services from them), why should they worry about supporting the opposition?

They can still survive ma.

But if we all decided to adopt the “Buy Bumiputera First” policy, then we are going to see the desired change in their voting behaviour.

We can give this policy a try now – and we can gauge its effectiveness in the coming state election.

What do you think, Datuk Seri?

-Melayu Stampin