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BINTULU: A man in his 30s was found dead on the street in a pool of blood after jumping from the fourth floor of a commercial centre here about midnight yesterday.

Members of the public initially thought it was a rubbish heap since the deceased wore a black t-shirt. When they approached nearer they realised that it was a dead body, believed to be the result of a suicide attempt.

Members of the Civil Defence Department were the first to arrive at the scene after someone called them.

It was later found that the deceased had left a mobile phone, a cigarette packet and a bottle of liquor on the ledge of the fourth floor from where he jumped from.

When opened, the phone contained an SMS message which was sent to his mother, saying that he could not live without his wife.

It is believed that he had some kind of marital problem and that his wife was about to divorce him.

As of early yesterday morning his mother and his wife were still unaware that he had committed suicide even though they noticed his car parked in the vicinity. They only made a ‘missing person report’ with the police when he did not return home.

When they finally knew of the incident his mother said the last time she saw him was the previous evening when he told her that he wanted to go out for a dinner.

His colleagues were also curious when he did not turn up for work yesterday morning. One of them called his mother who told him of the shocking news that was relayed to her by the police.

He leaves behind a two-year-old son and a wife. –Source